What is the best luau on Oahu?

I am headed to Honolulu for the fist time and I would like to attend a luau. I know that they are really shows for tourists. Posted reviews of the Polynesian Cultural Center say that the food at the luau is awful. I have read better things about Paradise Cove. Your suggestions?


  1. concerned neighbor says:

    Many islanders recommend the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center as being the most authentic. However, it’s run by the Mormons, and alcohol is not available.

    Aside from luaus, if you like really wonderful food and good quality restaurants, don’t miss House Without a Key and La Mer at the Halekulani and Alan Wong’s.

    Also, take a look at tripadvisor.com to see the recommendations of many visitors to Hawaii. It’s a really useful site.

  2. Most of the big hotels hold decent luaus twice a week, but with this economy and the low occupancy of the hotels, they may be reducing them to Friday or Saturday nights only. I recommend giving them a call ahead of time or checking into the big hotel chains online to see their schedules and prices.

  3. boodoll33 says:

    I really liked Germaines Luau. It was so much fun and the food and drinks were good. I have also heard good things about Paradise cove which actually does more at their luau than Germaines.

  4. mann dog says:

    its not the food that one goes to a luau.
    unles you like poi and lomi lomi, you’ll be hitting the McDonalds afterwards!

  5. Polynesian Cultural Center luau isn’t actually a proper one compared to the others. You have been walking around all day seeing the different islands but when you sit down you get a plate full of food. You don’t get to see the pig being taken out of the pit, watch the dancing, etc.. You are better off eating at McD’s right outside the door or taking your own food and eating it before watching the show that night.

    The best luau on the island is Paradise Cove you can do a variety of things while there, watch the pig being taken out of the pit, etc… You pick what you want to do and how much you want to pay.

    Germaine’s isn’t that bad either.

  6. Im awesome & that pisses you off says:

    i just went to the culteral center last week and the package that we got included a buffet, and the night show.
    i cant imagine the luau which was more expensive to be any better than the buffet and night show we watched.
    the food was ok. and the show was great.

  7. aloha.girl59 says:

    I’ve never been to PCC but I’ve been to Paradise Cove twice and enjoyed it both times. The setting is beautiful and there is a lot to do before the show and dinner.

    I’ve never been particularly impressed with luau food as it’s mass-produced. If you’re going to the luau for the food, it’s likely that you will be disappointed. Go for the games and the show and don’t worry too much about the dinner. You will get a sampling of some typical Hawaiian dishes (kalua pig, haupia, lomi salmon, poi), but I’ve had better Hawaiian food at local restaurants than they serve at a luau.

    Have fun!